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The Inner Circle

One Year Course

Experience a truly distinctive approach to learning. Join a close-knit community of like-minded peers, collaborating on some of the most exhilarating and demanding photo assignments ever devised. This exceptional learning environment is expertly hosted and instructed by an industry professional, ensuring an unparalleled educational experience.

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"For aspiring photographers, this undoubtedly stands as the epitome of an immersive, comprehensive, and profoundly stimulating learning journey. Prepare yourself for an intensely transformative experience that offers unrivalled depth, personalisation, and exhilarating challenges."

The INNER CIRCLE offers an unparalleled and extraordinary approach to photography education that sets it apart from any other program.

Immersed in a small group setting alongside just five other dedicated photographers, you will convene monthly (excluding December and August) under the guidance of Andy Hornby. Together, you will analyse your work, delve into challenging and distinctive projects, and embark on a transformative journey.

This transformative experience will require you to step outside of your comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of your personal photographic abilities through experimentation, rigorous testing, and mutual accountability.

As part of the program, you will embark on photo-assignments twice a month, collaborating with a fellow participant as both the photographer and the assistant. These assignments will be tailored uniquely to each individual, exposing you to a diverse array of subjects and genres.

Anticipate exponential growth as a photographer, as the INNER CIRCLE propels you forward on an unparalleled trajectory of development.

Who should attend this workshop?

The INNER CIRCLE group, spanning one year, attracts photographers who possess a solid foundation in the essentials. They are already acquainted with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. These individuals have some experience with working with flash and possess a willingness to explore new subjects and techniques.

Through complete immersion in the INNER CIRCLE photography experience, participants engage not only in monthly round-table discussions but also in assignments and social interactions with fellow students. This comprehensive approach fosters the development of confidence and proficiency, enabling participants to emerge as more capable and self-assured photographers.

What distinguishes this workshop from others?

INNER CIRCLE is not merely a typical "course." It demands more than a thirst for knowledge and a desire to surpass ordinary standards—it necessitates discipline and unwavering reliability. The success of the group hinges on the collective effort and mutual accountability among its members. Working together as teams, everyone depends on each other for progress and growth.

While photography can often be a solitary pursuit, this is not the case within the INNER CIRCLE. Here, the sense of camaraderie and collaboration prevails, dispelling any feelings of isolation that may accompany the hobby.

What kit would be ideal for the course?

To participate in the program, it is necessary to have a digital camera that supports interchangeable lenses, such as a DSLR or one of the latest "Mirrorless" technology cameras.

The program is suitable for owners of Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, and Leica cameras.

Additionally, throughout the course, you can expect to require a portable flash and the means to trigger it remotely. Certain prime lenses will prove beneficial for your assignment work, along with a sturdy tripod and filters. For editing purposes, we recommend utilising Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

To support your assignment work, you will have complimentary access to our fully equipped studio lighting, complete with Bowens lights, soft-boxes, beauty dishes, and more.

Rest assured, you will receive guidance and advice to assist you in making informed decisions regarding equipment choices and optimising your photographic journey.

It's an Investment in YOU!

When it comes to pricing, the INNER CIRCLE was designed to provide an exceptional and invigorating experience, making it one of our most captivating offerings.

INNER CIRCLE falls between the scope of our Masterclass and personalised private tutoring, and thus, the cost reflects this positioning.

While it may not encompass the dynamics of a full-sized student cohort nor offer the exclusive access to Andy that one-on-one sessions do, it combines the advantages of both approaches.

Consequently, the investment required for INNER CIRCLE falls within an intermediate range.

The total cost for the year is £1800*.

*This amount can be conveniently spread over the duration of the year with interest-free options. An initial deposit of £600 is followed by 10 monthly installments of £120, resulting in the total cost of £1800. It is important to note that enrollment must begin at least one month prior to the course commencement.

Is this course for you…

Every applicant for INNER CIRCLE is extended an invitation to an initial consultation, which is typically conducted in person by Andy himself.

During this meeting, our primary objective is to establish a deeper understanding of you as an individual, ensuring that INNER CIRCLE is the ideal fit for your aspirations and goals.

The first step is to get in touch - Contact Us Here


Andy Hornby - Founder

Under the guidance of industry professional Andy Hornby, you will receive instruction at the utmost pinnacle of excellence.

As the founder of the program, Andy Hornby stands among the finest photography educators in the United Kingdom. Over the years, he has personally mentored and taught numerous students, ranging from complete beginners to those aspiring to pursue professional careers in photography.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years behind the camera and a teaching career that commenced in 2018, Andy's current devotion lies in imparting his vast knowledge to the next generation of photographers. His passion for the craft fuels his commitment to sharing invaluable insights and expertise with aspiring photographers like yourself.

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