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This Christmas was always going to be a weird one. It was certainly a different experience for everyone. Granted, I’ve never particularly liked Christmas (not since I was a child), the build up and hype just never ever lives up to expectations - call me a scrooge all you like, I’m glad when it’s over. Saying that, I enjoyed the day. I have a baby now, so it's all going to be about him in the coming years.

This year, for the first real time, I’ve failed to make a push on social media for my photography and sales suffered. However, in the new year I’m going to have a look at a possible re-brand - other avenues for sales. I want to use of social media for business in a much better way. 2020 was my worst year for sales - the business took a massive hit. I can’t help but sometimes feel disappointed, like I could have done so much better. But with Covid, New baby and weddings at a stand-still, I'm not sure what I could have done.

My YouTube makes me a very little each month. I sometimes think people assume it's a money maker. But it definitely isn't. My Patreon is where I want to start to do more. I can connect directly with the people who subscribe to ME and not just to watch my videos, like on YouTube. Their subscription, although very little, means a lot more to me and I make sure they get the videos and content that matters. If you want to join me there and help me make a difference to your photography, take a look at

I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m glad 2020 is over. Granted, all the problems last year caused us are far from over! And there seems to be no actual end in sight. 2021 has to be better - at least, it can’t get much worse!

Onwards and upwards!


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