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Those of you eager and waiting to hear news about the roll-out of my new academy, will be delighted to hear that I have posted a new webpage to my website that has a few more details on it.

A lot of people have been asking me questions about what to expect. Just remember a few things:

  • If you sign up within the first month (April 2021), you (if you are a subscriber), will get 35% off the normal price. That's a huge saving on doing these as normal workshops, or One-2-One courses.

  • On roll-out, there will be 8 modules (6 if you skip the beginner modules). Hours and hours of lectures, practical advice and I'll show you everything I know.

  • There is a BONUS module that'll help you set up a little business and make money from your photography.

  • This is a mentorship program - not just a simple 'show and tell'. You get assignments at the end of each module and you'll send your images to me for a personal feedback video. For the editing modules, if it is required, you get a one-2-one zoom call with me to help you better your edits.

  • As the year(s) rolls on, I intend add more modules (night photography, time-lapse photography etc) and the price for the academy will increase. BUT, not for you if you are already in the academy. You get lifetime, unlimited access to all current and future modules.

Have you signed up to my newsletter yet? If not, what are you waiting for. pop across to my website and hit the subscribe at the top. Do this before the end of March 2021, and you will be in with a chance to save a further 35% on my normal price, for my amazing new online landscape photography academy.

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