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Mentor Program

1 Year of Private Mentoring

Andy offers mentoring to a limited number of four students each year.

Through a sequence of monthly meetings, Andy will guide and support you in enhancing your technical and creative photography skills. Every session is meticulously customised to address your specific requirements, which are identified through an initial consultation conducted beforehand.

A Mentor

"A mentorship is a dynamic relationship where an individual with greater expertise or knowledge provides guidance and support to someone with less experience or knowledge. The mentor serves as a trusted advisor, offering valuable insights, sharing wisdom, and assisting in the personal and professional growth of the mentee."

Are you Right for Mentoring?

Private mentoring is an ideal option for photographers who seek complete autonomy over their learning journey. Whether you prefer a more personalized approach or have a busy and unpredictable schedule, private mentoring provides the flexibility to accommodate your specific needs.

By opting for private mentoring, you have the freedom to tailor the learning experience according to your preferences. You can choose dates and times for sessions that align with your availability, ensuring a mutually convenient arrangement.

This format grants you the opportunity to take full control of your learning process, allowing you to navigate the mentoring experience in a manner that best suits your unique circumstances and learning style.

One-2-One Learning

One-to-one learning offers a distinct and exceptional experience compared to classroom settings. It provides an intensified and highly personalised approach, focusing solely on your individual development. With exclusive access to your mentor, you have the freedom to ask questions and seek guidance whenever you desire.

When working with Andy, you can expect instruction of the utmost caliber. Andy Hornby is widely recognized as one of the finest photography teachers in the UK. Having mentored numerous students, ranging from beginners to aspiring professionals, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

As part of the mentoring process, you may also have the opportunity to assist Andy during real-life photoshoots, subject to availability. This hands-on involvement can provide valuable practical experience and further enhance your learning journey.

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The Format of the Mentoring

As a private student, you will have the opportunity to meet with Andy once a month for a dedicated session lasting three hours. During these sessions, the format can vary and may involve a combination of teaching, discussions, and image analysis tailored to your specific needs and goals. The meetings provide a valuable platform to delve into various aspects of photography and receive personalised guidance.

Please note that there are no scheduled meetings in August or December, allowing for breaks during these periods. This ensures that you have ample time to reflect on your progress and recharge before continuing with the mentoring sessions.

What we cover!

The focus of your mentoring year will be tailored to your specific areas of interest and desired skill improvement. Whether you aim to enhance your proficiency in photographing people, working with flash, studio sessions with models, macro photography, street photography, landscape photography, photo editing, or any other aspects, the program will be customised to meet your individual needs.

The meetings with Andy may take place in diverse locations such as outdoor settings or a studio, depending on the topics being covered and the practical requirements. Additionally, if models are involved in the sessions, they will be incorporated accordingly to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

The list of possibilities and subjects covered during your mentoring year is virtually limitless, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored learning experience that aligns with your interests and objectives.


Accountability plays a vital role in maintaining motivation and staying on track with your goals. Having someone to whom you are accountable provides the necessary support and guidance to help you stay focused and committed to your learning journey.

While it's common to begin with enthusiasm and good intentions, we all encounter challenges and distractions along the way. By engaging in private mentoring, you have the advantage of having a dedicated mentor who will hold you accountable to your commitments and aspirations.

Furthermore, the mentoring option offers a unique combination of a highly tailored syllabus designed to address your specific needs and the flexibility to schedule meetings at your convenience. This personalised approach ensures that your learning experience is exceptional and aligns with your individual circumstances and goals.

By having a mentor to provide guidance, keep you accountable, and tailor the learning process to your preferences, you can maximise your progress and achieve remarkable results in your photography journey.

The Investment

Private tuition with Andy is indeed an investment, and the cost reflects the exclusivity and personalised nature of the mentoring experience.

While exclusivity often implies higher expenses, Andy understands the importance of making private mentoring accessible to passionate individuals like you. The fee for a year's private mentoring is £2800, and to make it more manageable, we offer the option to spread the cost over ten months without any additional interest*.

Our goal is to ensure that the cost doesn't pose a significant barrier for those who are dedicated to enhancing their photography skills through private mentoring.

By offering interest-free monthly instalments, we strive to make the investment in private tuition achievable and rewarding for aspiring photographers like yourself.

*We understand that everyone's financial circumstances are different, and we are flexible in finding the right balance for you. Typically, the deposit is £900, but if you prefer to contribute more upfront, we can adjust the monthly repayments accordingly.

Is the Mentoring Program for you?

Every applicant for the MENTORSHIP is extended an invitation to an initial consultation, which is conducted in person by Andy himself.

The consultation serves as an opportunity for us to get to know you better and understand your specific needs and circumstances. It allows us to assess whether private mentoring is the most suitable choice for you.

During the consultation, we will discuss your goals, aspirations, and expectations regarding photography. We will also consider factors such as your current skill level, availability, and preferred learning style. By gaining insights into your unique situation, we can determine if private mentoring aligns with your objectives and if it will effectively meet your learning needs.

Our aim is to ensure that you receive the most appropriate guidance and support on your photography journey.


The first step is to get in touch - Contact Us Here


Andy Hornby - Founder

Under the guidance of industry professional Andy Hornby, you will receive instruction at the utmost pinnacle of excellence.

As the founder of the program, Andy Hornby stands among the finest photography educators in the United Kingdom. Over the years, he has personally mentored and taught numerous students, ranging from complete beginners to those aspiring to pursue professional careers in photography.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years behind the camera and a teaching career that commenced in 2018, Andy's current devotion lies in imparting his vast knowledge to the next generation of photographers. His passion for the craft fuels his commitment to sharing invaluable insights and expertise with aspiring photographers like yourself.

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