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Beginner Photography Courses & Workshops



In your Photography Journey starts HERE. Andy Hornby will guide you through the basics, including settings, composition, exposure and much more, in a jargon-free manner that is easy to digest and designed to motivate you in your chosen photograph genre. Choose if you would like to have this in an online only setting. Or if you would like to include practical sessions to help you along.


Online Only

If you feel that you can learn online and follow my jargon free, learning system. With included downloads (PDFs) to support the material. This will be the best and cheapest option open to you.


Include Practical Sessions

If you would prefer to add practical sessions to bolster your learning potential, you will use the online material and follow my jargon free, learning system. With included downloads (PDFs) to support the material. Then arrange a practical session at a time and location to suit both. This option is perfect and will give you the best outcome.

My comprehensive Digital Photography for Beginners Courses will give you all the technical information you need to get the most out of your camera, and begin to look at the aesthetics of photography to develop your personal style. I will guide you through all the manual functions on your camera, lens options and composition, giving you a deeper understanding of digital photography, allowing further creativity with your images.

The course will feature hands-on practical exercises to further your understanding of the theory of photography, giving you the confidence to produce the images that you have imagined. You will look at a range of photography genres and discover new techniques and photography styles to inspire your work.

Lifetime access - you can dip in and out, whenever you like. You get a chance to send me your course assignments, and have them critiqued and feedback given by me.

Just a few of the topics covered:

  • Mastering exposure using ISO, aperture and shutter speed

  • DSLR/mirrorless camera handling

  • Focal length and lens choice

  • Manual and semi-automatic camera modes

  • Understanding f/stops and depth of field

  • Capturing motion

  • Auto-focus modes and focus points

  • Composition techniques

  • Understanding file formats (JPEG vs RAW)

  • Setting white balance

You get downloadable PDFs, that will help you along the course and can even be printed, laminated and take with you on your photography journeys.

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