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Online Boudoir Workshop

Boudoir photography holds many challenges, it takes skill to create stunning images that are both beautiful and tastefully erotic. This single workshop gives you the hints and tricks you have been looking for to take your boudoir photography to that elusive ‘classy, sensual and stunning’ level.

Boudoir photography is a collaboration between photographer and model and knowing how to capitalise on that partnership is the secret ingredient to achieving incredible images. You need to know how to get the best from both your camera and your model. 

Internationally published photographer Andy Hornby has been working as a professional boudoir photographer for 20+ years; he will share with you a simple lighting system that is affordable and appropriate for any home/hotel setting. JenniJJ is a professional boudoir model and is here to teach you how best to work with a model of any skill level. Whether you are wanting to start a boudoir business or simply an amateur wanting to develop their skills, this unique workshop is all you need to start taking stunning images with that elusive wow-factor.

Further Information

A word from Jenni

"What sets us apart from other workshops? 2 things....


Firstly - Andy's simple techniques and excellent teaching style. I have watched Andy deliver this workshop many times now. He is a brilliant teacher. He has that innate skill of being able to impart knowledge clearly and simply without being patronising or overbearing. What he teaches is so simple and clear you will be able to walk away from the workshop with confidence of how to set up your lights in any home/hotel setting.

Secondly - ME! okay okay - I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I give as much on these workshops as Andy does. I am not an inanimate doll who lolls around looking pretty. I work to give you the insider track from the model's perspective. I teach for 2 intentions; those who want to work with non- models (offer professional boudoir shoots) and those who want to get the best from models (pay or TF as a hobby). I am 100% involved in the workshop. I teach everything from getting inspired right from the start, advice on outfits and accessories and how to pose and direct when necessary. My input is unique and will ensure you get the best from your model time after time.


We run this workshop as an experience day at Rococo Farm Studios in Hampshire, England. However if you are unable to attend our live workshop we now offer an online version. This is the perfect way to learn from us from afar.

Academy for Beautiful Boudoir


At the end of the video, you will see Andy edit one of the images, in Lightroom, to give you an understanding of the basics, when it comes to making your images stand out.


But not just that!

We know how helpful it is to get input and professional experienced advice on your images. Join our academy and we will give you both photographer and model feedback on your first shoot after taking our workshop. Just send us 15 of your favourite images, either edited or raw. Andy will help you with your photography and give you feedback on your lighting and editing suggestions. Jenni will also review your images from the model perspective and give you her feedback. This is a great opportunity for support and advice following our workshop.

The Workshop

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Online Boudoir Workshop
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