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Lightroom is amazing. And it's come a long way over the years. There was a time about 5 years ago, that I didn't even touch it. I was a "Photoshop" only editor.

Now I save a lot of time, even on some of my bigger commercial and event photoshoots. Wedding are a dream when using lightroom to retouch (at least the basics).

I like to edit fast. If it's not a huge composite o a big commercial advertising image, that requires Photoshop, then my Lightroom edits need to be lightning fast. So, I'm always looking for new ways of working and making things either easy or faster.

Here are 3 ways you can use Lightroom to edit a lot faster.

  1. Auto Sync Lock Button - This is used to auto sync all of your selected images by editing the main one. As you make changes, the others change in real time.

  2. Easy Navigation when in the Develop Module - when in the Dev module, you can only navigate through your images using the scroll bar at the bottom. But there is a hidden feature that opens them in a new window (much like the way you see them in the main grid in the Library Module

  3. Speed up your Panoramas & HDR renders - You can set lightroom to do these tasks in the background, so you can continue to work. When you do the normal 'right click', 'photo merge' etc, a box opens up and this means you can't work on. Now you will learn how to speed this process up, especially f you use the same settings all the time and have more than one to do.

Have a watch of my video and let me know what you think.

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