Amazing Feedback on the Landscape Photography Academy

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Feedback for anything, is the most invaluable tool a business can have. Good or bad, the learning curve can be huge, but will make your business better in the long-run.

March 15th is the roll-out date. However, I have given access to a couple of photographers and friends so I can get some testimonials - learn and adapt the course so that you have the best experience for the money you will be paying out.

One of those people that had early access, was Rhiannon G. A local photographer that who is starting out with Landscapes and wanting to take it to the next level. To be honest, she has been on most of my workshop (those that weren't postponed or cancelled) and is the perfect candidate for the trial.

Here is what she had to say about the Academy;

“Beginner Photography (Level 1) is a great overview of fundamentals in photography and a base understanding of utilising your camera settings rather than relying on auto mode or preset modes. Andy talks through these and relays this practically on his camera. The module comes with downloadable pdf settings guide showing examples the main settings - aperture, shutter speed, ISO and others. Being new to photography these will be ideal to take out and about on shoots to help achieve the desired result.
My aim is to understand how to achieve incredible pictures utilising my camera to its full potential rather than relying on presets or filters and this module has really helped build on my knowledge and experience from Andy's workshops. I quite often have a shot in mind and spend a lot of time playing with the settings in Manual mode seeing trying to achieve the right settings. The downloadable guides will be invaluable in helping me with this.
I have found the academy modules to be very useful and informative in helping me understand how to improve my photography. Beginner Level 1 & 2 explain the fundamentals and how these apply practically. Going over these helped my understanding and how I can achieve the perfect shot. I quite often spend a lot of time playing with my settings trying to get the look I have in my mind and I know now where I have been going wrong. Andy has a really useful little tip for amending settings ensuring your element triangle stays balanced keeping your keep the right level of exposure, this will certainly help me alongside being able to take the downloadable pdfs out and about with me. The modules cover what to consider when you're composing a shot and areas to consider to make your shot more appealing.
I'm still finding my feet with Lightroom and found this module invaluable to understand the different settings and how these come together to enhance your photo and been putting this to practice achieving different looks with my shots. I've been able to utalise gradient and radiant filters on some of the skylines and use these to complement my image. Andy had a couple of really quick tips for copying settings between photos taken in the same shoot and is useful for stitching together pictures to form a panorama. The Photoshop module was great to see how some of the edits are done as I'm still very much a beginner to editing. This covers layering and looking at the different tools available. I'm looking forward to playing around with the sky and background replacement functions and will certainly be using this module as a touch point whilst I build my experience.
I'm really looking forward to the Long Exposure and Panorama modules and overall very pleased with the Academy. The beauty of the Academy is that it lets me fit the learning around my busy schedule and you can return and review any of the modules to go over certain points at any time. The modules are split into manageable chunks and gives you enough information to progress you're learning and put this into practice. Andy is great at answering any questions and I'm looking forward to getting out and about with my camera to practise with the assignments.
I think the cost is fair especially as there is also the option to be interactive and ask questions, also there is feedback on the assignments.”
- Rhiannon B

As you can imagine, I am very happy with how Rhiannon has taken to the Academy and her feedback is just what I needed to make sure I am on t