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How to Import Lightroom Presets

So, I've decided to start to sell some of my presets. Yes, I know presets are a touchy subject. Let me make this clear - I USE PRESETS AS A STARTING POINT.

And the reason why you may have had bad experiences with presets, is because when you buy someone else's settings. It usually only works for a very select few images.

I have developed these to work, depending on the time of day you shot your image. And will work, over and over again, on all of your landscape images.

So, how do you install Presets?

Easy! this is the best way to install presets.

  1. From the menu bar, choose File > Import Develop Profiles & Presets...

  2. In the Import dialog that appears, browse to the required path and select profiles or presets that you want to import.

  3. Click Import.


Here are a list of the presets in my Landscape Collection...

Spinnaker Tower are Blue Hour
Blue Hour Presets
Portsmouth UK
Day Presets
Spinnaker Tower
Golden Hour Presets
Hatchett Pont Long Exposure
Long Exposure Presets
Portsmouth at Night
Night Presets
Hartley Mauditt
Sunset Presets
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