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The One Bit Of Advice that I Give All The Time

Tipner Crane
Tipner Crane | Long Exposure

Whether I’m talking to a seasoned pro, or a friend with a point-and-shoot camera, there’s one piece of photography advice that I always give before they go on a trip, to a big event, or are about to embark on a photographically-rich experience:

"Take more photos than you think you need."

It’s astounding how quickly we habituate to the amazing things around us.  After just a few days in a new city things start to feel familiar, and we stop seeing everything as brand new and worthy of a photo. Near the end of the night at a wedding the cameras are tucked away, no longer capturing all the fantastic moments that continue to happen. And after a couple years into life, all those hilarious and precious things your children are doing no longer have you running to grab the camera quite so often.

So I always leave people with that reminder. And I always give it to myself.

But wouldn’t you know it, even though I understand this, and remind myself about it, I still get back from every trip, and wish I had taken more photos. 

I know I won’t ever be able to capture every single moment and detail that I want to remember. But maybe, just maybe, that reminder to myself gets me a little bit closer.

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