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Photography Masterclass

One Year Course

Our Masterclass program, a comprehensive one-year course designed to establish the fundamental principles of photography, has gained tremendous popularity.

In September 2023, we will proudly welcome our first cohort of Masterclass students.

We are thrilled to witness the enthusiastic response from a multitude of photographers who are dedicated to the growth and enhancement of their skills. In turn, we are equally devoted to imparting our extensive knowledge through exceptional teaching


About This Workshop

The Photography Masterclass offers students an immersive year-long experience, delving deep into the world of photography.


This comprehensive course comprises ten modules, each accompanied by photo assignments to be completed between sessions. Students have the flexibility to choose whether they prefer working independently on their assignments or collaborating with fellow group members.

Each session spans three and a half hours, providing ample time for reviewing assignment images and engaging in practical exercises when appropriate. It's important to note that the class is not conducted in August and December, allowing for a brief hiatus during those months.

The Masterclass is scheduled on weekends, commencing at 10:30 am and concluding at 2:00 pm. Please refer to the dates below for the upcoming season.

Who is this workshop for?

The year-long Masterclass program serves as a magnet for both novice photographers and individuals looking to rekindle their passion and elevate their skill level in their beloved hobby.

Through active participation in the monthly sessions, as well as consistent engagement with the assigned monthly tasks and fostering social connections with fellow students, you will fully immerse yourself in the art of photography. This immersive approach will help cultivate the habit of utilising your camera regularly and honing your ability to perceive the world through the eyes of a skilled photographer.

What kit would be ideal for the course?

Virtually any digital camera can be used, although models with interchangeable lenses such as DSLR cameras or the latest "Mirrorless" technology cameras are particularly advantageous.

The course accommodates owners of Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and Pentax cameras.

Additionally, throughout the duration of the program, it is recommended to have a portable flash gun. For the two editing modules, access to Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop is essential. Certain prime lenses will also be beneficial for your assignment work, alongside a sturdy tripod and filters.


Rest assured, guidance regarding equipment choices will be provided to assist you in making informed decisions.

Upon completion of the initial four modules, which lay the foundation with essential concepts, you will delve into various key genres of photography.

Landscape photography, people photography, and close-up (Macro) photography each demand their distinct set of skills. This diversity is advantageous because the finest photographers gain profound insights by learning from a wide range of photographic disciplines, enabling them to grasp the "bigger picture."

Many aspiring photographers find flash photography somewhat daunting. However, our dedicated flash module will demystify its intricacies, empowering you to embrace the abundant creative possibilities it offers.

Concluding your Masterclass journey, two modules will delve into the post-production process, equipping you with invaluable skills in editing. This comprehensive approach ensures that you emerge from the Masterclass as a well-rounded photographer, ready to tackle diverse photographic challenges.

Course modules

The exact sequence of modules may vary

  • An overview of digital photography

  • Aperture, including depth of field and bokeh

  • Shutter speed, freezing action and exploring long exposures

  • ISO

  • Exposure Triangle

  • The two most common mistakes photographers make

  • The Photographer’s eye (composition)

  • Landscape photography

  • People photography

  • Flash photography

  • Macro Photography

  • Editing with Adobe Lightroom

  • Editing with Adobe Photoshop

Course dates


  • Sep 24 - Digital Photography Overview & Aperture

  • Oct 29 - Shutter & ISO

  • Nov 26 - Mastering Two Killer Elements


  • Jan 28 - Photographer's Eyes

  • Feb 25 - Editing with Lightroom

  • Mar 24 - Editing with Photoshop

  •  Apr 28 - Photographing People

  • May 26 - Flash Photography

  • Jun 30 - Landscape Photography

  • Jul 28 - Macro Photography

It's an Investment in YOU!

The Masterclass course is indeed a substantial investment. In fact, if you are new to photography, it is likely that the cost of the Masterclass exceeds that of your camera. However, this is by design.

Over his extensive experience spanning decades in photography, Andy has discovered that the camera itself plays a relatively minor role in the overall success story of a photographer. It contributes only modestly to the development of one's skills and confidence. While the camera is undoubtedly essential for capturing photos, it is during the formative years that investing in training becomes paramount.

Training serves as the cornerstone, the absolute necessity for genuine, rapid, and structured progress in camera skills, technical proficiency, and creative growth.

For a fee of £1200, you have the opportunity to transform your skills under the guidance of a seasoned professional. Such an opportunity is a rarity in the world of photography, and not many photographers have the privilege to access it.

To make this investment more manageable, we now offer the option to spread the cost over the duration of the year without any additional interest charges. You can pay £400 up front and then 10 instalments of £80.

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Learning to shoot Landscape, People and Macro Photography

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Photography Masterclass 23/24
Photography Masterclass 23/24
Multiple Dates


Andy Hornby - Founder

Under the guidance of industry professional Andy Hornby, you will receive instruction at the utmost pinnacle of excellence.

As the founder of the program, Andy Hornby stands among the finest photography educators in the United Kingdom. Over the years, he has personally mentored and taught numerous students, ranging from complete beginners to those aspiring to pursue professional careers in photography.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years behind the camera and a teaching career that commenced in 2018, Andy's current devotion lies in imparting his vast knowledge to the next generation of photographers. His passion for the craft fuels his commitment to sharing invaluable insights and expertise with aspiring photographers like yourself.

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