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Lightroom Mini Course - IMPORT & EXPORT Presets explained

Last night was my first Online Mini Course. I intend to do these every week, as long as there are people who want to learn new things. Keeping them to short and sweet mini topics within a given program or Photography relatable subject, mean you can take away mite sized packets of information and hopefully learn easier.

Here is the video from last night. Please watch this and then come back to the material below

Here are the images that go with the course. Firstly my import Meta Data settings. Swap out your details as follows.

Here are my export setting for both High resolution and Low Resolution.

I hope you enjoyed this mini course and if you take anything away, it'll streamline your importing and exporting. Saving time.

Check my Online Courses Page for next week -

See you there

P.S. Let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover in the future.

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