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The Ultimate Lightroom Landscape Presets

The Ultimate Lightroom Landscape Presets

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The Ultimate Lightroom Landscape Presets


When I edit my photos in Adobe Lightroom I use a lot of presets to speed up my workflow.

Lightroom presets can be very useful when you process your images.

This is both true for experienced users (who will most likely use their own custom presets) and for beginners (to who Lightroom has just too many options to start with). It is also a great help if you want the same look and feel throughout a series of photos.

Remember that presets should be a starting point and not the end of your editing. They are a means to speed up your process.

Don't buy bundles that will have a thousand presets that never work, because they were made for specific images that you will never see. 

My presets are different....!


I have developed these to work, depending on the time of day you shot your image. And will work, over and over again, on all of your landscape images.

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